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The International Association of Business Communicators is a worldwide organization that represents a much larger community for students, scholars, and curious minds alike.


IABC is:

A broadly diverse community of communication professionals, IABC connects members to ideas, job opportunities, and people, through professional learning and a generous culture of sharing.

We believe that in today’s world, communication can be a force for good in business and society. We connect members and business people together for this purpose.


IABC is a student organization focused on providing real-world opportunities to students from various majors through guest speakers and chances to interact with well-developed companies. 

Upon becoming a member, you gain access to a database of resources, connections, and articles that aid professional development. Members, also, gain insight from current professionals and opportunities to network with like-minded students and experts in their field with the potential for work offers.

The Texas A&M student chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators had its beginning at the start of Spring 2019. Our president, John Bos, started IABC with the help of our faculty director, Dr. Nancy Parish, and the Department of Communication.

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